Happy Endings

This morning I woke up to have the most powerful coaching call I have had in a while with Jenny G. Perry. Before our call I was feeling good about my life and business but I was worried about how I was showing up online. Our call started with the usual check-In and progressed to a place I did not see coming. 

I got a download during our call that I was not sure about. Honestly, I thought it might have been for Jenny, but when she began her inquiry, my heart bulbs went off. I knew exactly what it meant and that was the beginning of my A-has.

At first, I was scared because I had not shared my experience with many people and I had been carrying around a belief that I didn’t even consciously remember I had. Jenny reassured me that I was safe with her and she cleared my chakras and opened up my ability to receive from spirit.

What I received and Jenny’s compassionate coaching really allowed me to release a ton Of shame and guilt that I was carrying around since I was 8 years old. The tears could not stop flowing. And with it the gratitude. It was not at all what I was expecting but it blew my mind. It was what I desperately needed! I cannot recommend Jenny enough.

If you have mindset blocks, or limiting beliefs or just emotional crap stopping you from showing up the way you want to, please go talk to Jenny. She will help you get unblocked so good.”

~Dr. Susaye Rattigan, Clinical Psychologist, Life Coach, Brand Messaging Strategist and Copywriter for soulful entrepreneurs, Jamaica


Jenny G. Perry, I love you and all your magnificence and power. Thank you, in deep gratitude for your gift and mirror to my mind and all the beautifulness you create in the world and EMPOWER WOMEN to their god given beauty, power, strength, divinity and self love. Love you!!!”

~Kris Gilbertson, Lead Generation Specialist & Marketing Funnel Expert, Chicago


Jenny’s bright energy and vibrant enthusiasm raises your spirits right from the start. Her personal experience has allowed her to develop deep and healing wisdom, particularly in the realms of body image and weight issues. She is energetic, passionate and sprightly as well as being accepting, open minded, loving and understanding. Her sage guidance and teachings of self love prove to truly be her realm of expertise.

Anyone can feel their own inner Rockstar with Jenny around. She reminds us all of how great we are and why we came forward to live this amazing life. She is a true cheerleader. An uplifter and an empowerment idol.”

~Leslie L. -Canada


I believe that Jenny G Perry is one of the most impactful Spiritual Thought Leaders and Healers of this generation. I am blessed to have the opportunity to hire her as my Life Coach. I can tell you that Jenny has the gift to guide you to higher levels of self then you can possibly see at this moment . She has a unique and special talent to connect to your soul, to reintroduce YOU to yourself and to guide your Spiritual growth. It feels like a rebirth and the most important part is your life really does change.  Roll up your sleeves, you will have to dig deep, to work, but you will be understood,loved and safe with Jenny as your Coach. Do this for YOU. Wishing you much love on the journey you are about to begin to uncovering your own beautiful self. 

~Maria E.


I’ve worked with many coaches but Jenny is by far one of the very best! She can help you past obstacles in your life faster than any other coach that I’ve worked with. I saw major life changing events happen right after our first session together!! She’s a life saver! Literally!”

~Karie Lynn Milspaugh, Business and Lifestyle Coach, Las Vegas, NV


When I reached out to Jenny I used a lot of adjectives including mundane, mediocre, and monotonous to describe myself and how I felt. I knew that something bigger and greater and fulfilling was out there, but it was just beyond my reach. I didn’t know how to get to it. I was stuck on a never ending merry-go-round of miserable.

Jenny helped me to break through my own confusion with compassionate understanding. The confusion turned to clarity. She revealed that underneath my then-fragile shell was a wealth of strength. She helped me to realize the power of my own voice. She reintroduced me to dance, a true love that I had walked away from ten years prior.

All of these elements are forms of reconnection to me and my true self. As it turns out, I was what was just beyond my own reach. Me. And I got there through self-love, a concept that is taught in its fullness by the queen of self-love, Jenny G. Perry.

In short, her work is transformational.

~Jamie M. -Illinois


Good morning! What a difference a session with Jenny makes!!! I feel like a different woman. I’d got some crap to binge on last night but after our session I realised that’s negative Nancy’s vibe not Goddess (her name) so it’s uneaten and in the bin! Had a bath instead!! This morning I feel lighter, calmer and connected.  Thank you.”

~G. (U.K.)